Life remains hard in the developing countries for those who suffer with orthopedic problems and are in need of medical attention.  Many have little or no money for health care.  In these areas, medical care is not always readily available for all.

Some patients wait years before they can afford treatment.  Others are willing to travel a great distance to seek free medical care.  It is through the work of mission groups such as the Twin Cities Orthopedics Foundation, the Philippine Minnesotan Medical Association, the American and Nicaraguan Orthopedic Cooperative and Health Volunteers Overseas that the community can receive the benefit of free medical services.

In 2013, the Twin Cities Orthopedic Foundation started a mission project with the expressed purpose of bringing medical care to the poor and the needy.  The foundation of this mission program is the opportunity to make a difference.  Organizing these mission trips requires months of pre-planning and coordination, along with raising funds and collecting supplies.  It is this organizational effort that leads to the success of providing quality care to the communities.

Collaboration with local hospitals, Twin Cities Orthopedic clinics and organizations like Hope for the City, provide the necessary supplies to support our cause.  To learn more about this mission, please watch the video below and join us in making a difference!


National & International Orthopedic Volunteer Work

Many of our TCO physicians are actively involved in orthopedic volunteer work and education.

Dr. David Gessensway

Medical Mission: Haiti & Nicaragua

Dr. Kurt Anderson

Medical Mission: Haiti, Tanzania & Nicaragua

Dr. Joseph Teynor

Medical Mission: Guatemala

Dr. Patrick Ebeling

Medical Mission: Haiti

Dr. Benjamin Gulli

Medical Mission: Peru

Dr. Scott Anseth

“Operation Walk” – Minneapolis, MN